I do not know of a better way to begin such an introduction than with a “Welcome.” Perhaps a “Hello!” And of course, all the other things.

You might notice in just my first lines of writing that I am a rebel. Rebel-cute. I begin sentences with “and” and I always will. I truly believe it gives you a deep sense of me – Zooey. Hi, there. As I hope this website will do also.

This website. Oh this website. Let us get the legal jargon jargon’ed.
Please be advised that this website contains content and images not suitable for minors. If you are under the age of 18 or are offended by adult-oriented websites and content, please do browse elsewhere. By continuing on onto the wonders herein, this is simply fact and not solicitation, and by choosing to enter, you release and discharge the owner of this website of any and all liability which may arise from such actions.

Okay, phew. Now, those wonderous wonders.
So, there will be a lot to read. Some about me, and some about the companionship services offered on this website. The services offered are for time and companionship only. Please note that I am super flattered you might be interested in such services, and there is more to come on that ^.^

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